Gamebrott Prepare the E-Sport Team Named "GEMES"

Gamebrott Prepare the E-Sport Team Named “GEMES”

The number of non-gamers who began to plunge into the world of E-Sport on the basis of adjustments to the millennial generation proves that acceptance of the screen of gaming sports and gamers athletes is brighter in their future. It also motivates Gamebrott to release their own E-Sport Team, with line up players who have promising backgrounds and skills.

The selection of a serious and full consideration initially made the team a little uncertain about what games to play. One player is gifted and has daily life playing AOV, Mobile Legend, PUBG Mobile, and even one of them is an expert in Apex Legends Tinder, but assessing the future prospect of Hago’s choice is the most important.

The choice of the name “GEMES” or Gamebrott Esport itself is based on the philosophy of each player who is tenacious, hard-working, and adorable. In the beginning, we actually planned to name it “NAG Gemes” or Naga Gamebrott Esport, but because it was too weird and difficult to remember and not suitable to be a brand, finally we chose GEMES.

Because of the limitations of the existing Roster, we ourselves plan to do mass recruitment to capture the talents of young E-Sport players (skip if aging) who have bright prospects and future. The first requirement is certainly must be at least 5 years old (below that can not be invited to chat) and a maximum of 27, the second requirement is certainly required to have a busy life outside this team.

The future target of “GEMES” itself will soon be fighting and winning local tournaments first and looking for sponsors who can provide support in any form. Go International (HAGO World Championship) itself is the final target of GEMES in the future so that it can raise the name of the nation and the country.