Best Mage In Mobile Legends

Best Mage In Mobile Legends

Mage hero in Mobile Legends game is very important in its presence in a team. Mage hero is usually a hero who is able to provide a large burst of damage to the opponent’s hero. Mages are also usually equipped with crowd control skills which are very useful when dealing with opponent heroes.

In the Mobile Legends game, there are two types of mage, namely mage support and pure mage. Both have different roles. Here are some of the best mage heroes in the Mobile Legends game.

The first Mage is Angela. Actually Angela is a mage support, but many people are just wrong and play it as pure mage. Angela is one of the best support in the Mobile Legends game. Angela is currently also on the hero list banned while playing ranked games.

The second Mage is Vexana. Actually Vexana had lost its popularity. But after getting a buff from Moonton, currently Vexana is the best-selling mage, even surpassing Kagura’s inheritance.

The third Mage is Kagura. This one hero mage is also very good because it is equipped with various crowd control mechanisms which are very useful. Besides that Kagura is also very difficult to kill because it’s easy to escape.

The fourth Mage is Cyclops. This little hero is also very popular with Mobile Legends players, why? Because of its terrible damage burst capability! He is also useful as a very effective ganker.