Beyond Good & Evil 2 Now Is Ready !

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Now Is Ready !

After announcing that the new studio was joining a team working on Beyond Good and Evil 2, Ubisoft also released alpha gameplay from the game.

Since it was announced at E3 2017 ago, Beyond Good and Evil 2, which is said to be the game space exploration wrapped in its RPG action, is being anticipated by many fans from all over the world. Moreover, after Ubisoft Montpellier showed off its amazing pre-alpha build and opened a space monkey program so that fans could be present in the making. Now they immediately announce the latest gameplay in the game at the end of 2018.

The gameplay shows how ambitious the Ubisoft project is with several systems, one of which is augmentation. The system will be able to strengthen weapons and provide special abilities for him, ranging from freezing, shocking, to locking it down with time. It will be able to be used by you and your enemies, so you need to consider it carefully before using it.

Besides the augmentation system, Ubisoft also introduces co-op mode. Unlike the first game, in this series you will be able to play with your friends to carry out joint missions. There is no obligation for you to carry out a joint mission. So, if one player wants to complete the mission, then you won’t be forced to come with him.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 are currently under development, there is no clarity about the platform and the release date. But with the old development process, it looks like it won’t be launched until the next generation of consoles is released.