Two Main Jobs in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Two Main Jobs in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

As we know, a few days ago the global version of the game Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love was released. In just 3 days, this game has successfully topped the Play Store and also the APP Store.

The excitement and long wait for the players who are looking forward to the global version has paid off. Now for those of you who are confused about what job to play in this game, we will discuss the initial job that is in this game to make it easier for you to choose the job you want.

1. Swordman

This job is the most basic job in the Ragnarok game. Usually the Swordman is armed with a sword, but besides swords, they can also use spears, axes and also two-handed swords and shields. To play this job, there are several types that can be selected, first is the type of STR and AGI, the second is STR and VIT and the third is a combination of STR, AGI and VIT. A swordman can change jobs into Knights and Crusaders.

2. Acolyte

This job focuses on self-healing skills and buffs. An acolyte is usually needed by a party because it can increase party member status. To play Acolyte full support, players will usually combine VIT, INT and DEX status, while for battle types, the status to be taken is AGI, INT, STR and DEX. Acolyte can change jobs to Monk and Priest.