New Features In Mobile Legends - Secret Statue

New Features In Mobile Legends – Secret Statue

In the middle of November, besides making the Hero mastery feature that makes players more enthusiastic about playing the game. Mobile legend turned out to also embed another feature, the Sacred Statue, where the feature can be used to replace your 9 towers with a new, cooler tower. However, there are still many things that most people don’t know about these features. Therefore, we will provide a list of some things you don’t know about the features of the Sacred Statue: The Sacred Statue is pinned together with the Mastery Heroes feature, and maybe that’s why, so that the Sacred statue feels more special, they combine the two features. This Sacred Statue can only be used after being purchased using twilight tokens which can only be obtained after completing the Mastery heroes quest. Until now, there are only 3 sacred statues available in the game, namely Tigreal, Pharsa, and Lesley. Well, the problem is that the Sacred statue can only be used by the hero in question. So if you buy a Tigreal sacred statue, you can only use it in the game when you use the hero in the game. After completing the mission from Mastery Heroes, buying the Sacred Statue, then using the relevant hero, you might think “So now it can be for replacing all the towers in the game” but “Not that easy Ferguso”. This is because after replacing 1 tower, there will be a 5-minute cooldown that you have to wait for. In the game there are 3 towers up, down and center. With a total of 9 towers if players want to replace all the towers, you have to wait 45 minutes. Worse yet, if the tower is destroyed, then your waiting will end in vain.