Guide : Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love - Crafting

Guide : Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love – Crafting

At Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, crafting equipment is really very emphasized. Unlike equipment that drops from common monsters or you buy from NPCs, craft equipment has a better effect.

In addition, the requirements for equipment craft users are only Base Lv. 1, so that all players can use this only with conditions according to their respective jobs or classes.

Craft explanation is not so long, it’s just that there are some points that need to be considered:

Requirements for Craft Equipment users are only Base Lv. 1
There are NPC Craft Equipment in each city, and Equipment Craft in each NPC is different.
You can sell Equipment Craft to the Market.

You might find craft at a particular NPC location and it turns out it’s still locked, to open it you have to complete the Bard Quest in that location.

Tip: You can check all equipment lists that can be printed through Adventure Handbook along with the location where you can craft the equipment.

Note: Especially for Equipment Crafting in Orc Village, you must complete the Bard Quest in the Geffen Tower (Dungeon).

So when you play this game, make sure you already craft all usefull item, if no, then say goodbye to your character because your character is failed !