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Akan Ada 3 Hero Baru Mobile Legend Yang Akan Datang

Game Mobile Legend merupakan salah satu game yang paling favorit bagi para gamers mobile mulai dari Indonesia hingga luar negeri. Dan masing masing dari pemain pastinya mempunyai hero hero favorit mereka. Baru baru ini ada sedikir bocoran dari pegembang game Mobile Legend : Bang Bang yakni moonton akan hadirnya beberapa hero baru.

Pihak moonton selalu menyesuaikan permainan game dengan melakukan update terus menerus pada gamenya serta terus menambah hero baru setiap beberapa bulan sekali. Hero terakhir yang dirilis oleh moonton ialah Luo yi. Luo Yi merupakan salah satu hero bertipe mage yang tergolong cukup OP (Over Powered). Hal ini dikarenakan skill milik Luo Yi cukuplah membuat lawan susah serta memiliki damage yang besar.

Kini ada bocoran 3 hero baru yang akan keluar di update selanjutnya, Yaitu Benedetta, Khaleed, dan Charging Marksman. Yuk kita ulas sedikit tentang 3 hero baru ini.


Benedetta ini akan dimasukkan dalam golongan Assasin. Benedetta mampu memberikan kerusakan pada banyak lawan sekaligus, dan itu cukup bagus dalam team fight. Selain itu, serangannya juga cukup cepat dan memiliki kerusakan yang besar.


Hero baru selanjutnya ialah Khaleed yang akan dikatergorikan sebagai hero Fighter. Dikabarkan bahwa Khaleed akan mempunyai skill berhubungan dengan badai pasir. Dan dengan skillnya itu ia mampu meluncur ke arah musuh dengan sangat cepat. Skillnya juga mampu memberikan damage yang besar. Selain itu pula dikabarkan bahwa ia akan memiliki skill damage reduction hingga 85% loh. Wah bisa jadi tank juga loh jika sampai seperti itu.

Charging Marksman


Nah yang terakhir dinamakan Charging Marksman sesuai dengan namanya hero ini sudah dapat dipastikan akan masuk dalam kategori Marksman. Saat ini Hero ini masih dalam tahap pengerjaan dan bentuknya masih bergambar 2D dan skillnya masih tidak terlihat dalam permainan.

Nah itu saja hero hero baru yang akan muncul nanti di Mobile Legends : Bang Bang. Jika kalian berminat dengan heronya dah boleh menyiapkan coin untuk membelinya yah biar saat hero keluar bisa langsung dibeli dan dicoba.

New Features In Mobile Legends - Secret Statue

New Features In Mobile Legends – Secret Statue

In the middle of November, besides making the Hero mastery feature that makes players more enthusiastic about playing the game. Mobile legend turned out to also embed another feature, the Sacred Statue, where the feature can be used to replace your 9 towers with a new, cooler tower. However, there are still many things that most people don’t know about these features. Therefore, we will provide a list of some things you don’t know about the features of the Sacred Statue: The Sacred Statue is pinned together with the Mastery Heroes feature, and maybe that’s why, so that the Sacred statue feels more special, they combine the two features. This Sacred Statue can only be used after being purchased using twilight tokens which can only be obtained after completing the Mastery heroes quest. Until now, there are only 3 sacred statues available in the game, namely Tigreal, Pharsa, and Lesley. Well, the problem is that the Sacred statue can only be used by the hero in question. So if you buy a Tigreal sacred statue, you can only use it in the game when you use the hero in the game. After completing the mission from Mastery Heroes, buying the Sacred Statue, then using the relevant hero, you might think “So now it can be for replacing all the towers in the game” but “Not that easy Ferguso”. This is because after replacing 1 tower, there will be a 5-minute cooldown that you have to wait for. In the game there are 3 towers up, down and center. With a total of 9 towers if players want to replace all the towers, you have to wait 45 minutes. Worse yet, if the tower is destroyed, then your waiting will end in vain.
Best Mage In Mobile Legends

Best Mage In Mobile Legends

Mage hero in Mobile Legends game is very important in its presence in a team. Mage hero is usually a hero who is able to provide a large burst of damage to the opponent’s hero. Mages are also usually equipped with crowd control skills which are very useful when dealing with opponent heroes.

In the Mobile Legends game, there are two types of mage, namely mage support and pure mage. Both have different roles. Here are some of the best mage heroes in the Mobile Legends game.

The first Mage is Angela. Actually Angela is a mage support, but many people are just wrong and play it as pure mage. Angela is one of the best support in the Mobile Legends game. Angela is currently also on the hero list banned while playing ranked games.

The second Mage is Vexana. Actually Vexana had lost its popularity. But after getting a buff from Moonton, currently Vexana is the best-selling mage, even surpassing Kagura’s inheritance.

The third Mage is Kagura. This one hero mage is also very good because it is equipped with various crowd control mechanisms which are very useful. Besides that Kagura is also very difficult to kill because it’s easy to escape.

The fourth Mage is Cyclops. This little hero is also very popular with Mobile Legends players, why? Because of its terrible damage burst capability! He is also useful as a very effective ganker.

New Hero In Mobile Legends - X Borg !

New Hero In Mobile Legends – X Borg !

X.Borg is the latest mobile legend hero that has 2 forms. The first form is when the armor (purple Health bar) is full and he can use armor especially the one named Firaga Armor to kill the enemy hero. When he uses his armor, all damage received by X.Borg will only affect his new health, so X.Borg will become a very thick hero. After that, if the Armor is destroyed, it will change to the second form, the Armorless form. Well, here are some skills from X.Borg itself:

Skill 1 – Fire Missiles: X.borg activates the flamethrower and fires fire in the specified direction. Damage continuously and increase the temperature of a hero. If the temperature reaches max, the damage will be true damage.

Skill 2 – Fire Stake: X.borg will fire 5 pegs towards the specified direction, a few seconds later, the peg will return to his body, and each stake will give damage to the enemy and attract them.

Ultimate Skill – Last Insanity: X.borg will spin and fire around it for a few seconds. Then he will blow up the armor he has and give true damage to the surrounding enemies. This skill can only be used when X.Borg has Firaga armor.

Passive – Firaga Armor: X.borg has a Firaga Armor that will give X.Borg an additional cellphone. All damage received by X.Borg will be given to the armor firaga first as long as Firaga armor is active until the cellphone from Firaga armor runs out.

After that X.Borg will roll towards the specified joystick, remove the armor and change its shape to an armorless form. He will collect the energy until the energy is full and call the armor fire back.

X.Borg is a fighter hero who will be a terrible addition. Worse yet, if used properly, the Health of X.Borg will not decrease at all. And any Hero Burst damage like Eudora, Aurora, Selena and others can’t kill him easily. He of course will be a terrible addition to the team in mobile legends.

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA game in mobile platform. When playing this game, there is so many role you can use, like marksman, tanker, support, mage and assasin. One of the most painfull hero is marksman. So this is the most devastating marksman in Mobile Legend Bang Bang !

Number one is Claude. He is the new hero in Mobile Legends. A little bit different from other marksman hero, Claude have a very large AOE bursting damage and stand in the front line when killing the enemies unit. His capability to control the game is devastating. When using his ultimate, Claude will go through the line and burst hundred bullets to hit the enemy. When using it, Claude will gain extra movement speed and make enemy unit slow.

Hasil gambar untuk ML Marksman

Number two is Bruno. This underrated hero in fact have a good damage when hitting the enemy. His passive skill give him a good chance of critical strike and be stacked multiply times. Bruno is special critical type marksman who can beat mage and assasin type hero easily. With Inspire spell, Bruno will be a very good killer in game.

Number three is Hanabi. She is a very good marksman in Mobile Legends. Her passive shield can give her advantage to avoid any crowd control skill. Not only that, Hanabi also have a bouncing attack who can give destructive damage to enemy unit. She also have a crowd control skill and can be a good killer. With this hero, you can reach mythic in a single blink !

Underrated Heroes In Mobile Legends Season 10

Underrated Heroes In Mobile Legends Season 10

Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA game for mobile phone. There is so many player around the world who play this game. Moonton also keep trying to balancing any heroes so the game instead can be more fun to play.

For example, Hayabusa, Rafaela, Clint and many more got balanced because their skill is to powerfull or to weak. At season 9, there is some hero who underrated by gamer, they are Diggie and Rafaela. Why ?

Diggie ever been a most popular hero in season 7. They also keep banned on ranked games. That’s because Diggie have a capability to change the situation of the game. With her ultimate, Diggie can give a shield to teammates heroes near her, also make them invincible to crowd control skill. Not only that, Diggie also have a powerfull ganking skill so she can catch enemy hero and make them can’t run. But after Angela released, Diggie popularity going down and no one use her anymore.

The next one is Rafaela. She also a support hero. In the previous season, like season one to three, she become a powerfull support and mage. Her capability on giving buff and healing teammates is monstrous ! She also have a crowd control skill, it’s mean she not only good for supporting teammates, she also very strong as a mage. But after Moonton released so many overpowered support like Diggie, Angela and Lolita, her popularity dramatically going down.